Affinity Pro Alternative

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None of the new image editing programs in the market, and most certainly not from a relatively harmless company like Serif, can put a major dent in Adobe’s current market position. Nor does it aim to provide what Photoshop is currently offering in its own photo editor.

Nonetheless, when it comes to providing a potent photo editing experience, Affinity Photo has managed to deliver. For a mere $49.99 price tag, it’s good value for money. Its key features include specialized editing tools for any sort of manipulation required for digital images. The edits made to photographs are usually non-destructive. Coupled with batch processing these features help save time. Affinity Pro supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is available as a standalone program.


However, as mentioned earlier, Affinity Photo does lack in a few ways that keep it from getting a top spot in the photo editing world. So let’s take a look at two other editors that aim to provide the complete photo editing experience. One of these comes completely free of cost while the other one costs a little more than Affinity. This comparison will help you decide which of the two you would like to use regardless of the price point you are considering.

Luminar – An All-Around Great Option

Macphun have recently re-built Luminar from the ground and given it spectacular performance boosts. Its default filters bring depth and rich colors to your images with the push of a simple button and then give you further controls to edit your photos. A solid new user interface can speed up work and effectively let you experiment with filters, presets, and layer masks.

During its very short life, it has become a mature program and integrates more tools and filters than its predecessors. The new and improved RAW engine is much faster and creates less noise accompanied with better color.

Simply put, Luminar 2018 is a fast software that handles all alterations in a smoothly running interface. The amazing sun-rays filter and noise removal options set it at the pinnacle of the current market. It has great image quality, a host of editing tools, customizable workspaces, stackable effects and filters, and much more that makes it an easy recommendation for people looking for something more polished and capable than Affinity Pro.

GIMP – An Excellent Free Option

GIMP is both extensible and expandable, and fully free. It was specially designed to be used with plug-ins and extensions to help increase its abilities to a whole new level. It has an advanced scripting interface that can control simple tasks as well as complex image editing.

GIMP is a pixel-based image editor and can also be used t make digital art and animations much like Photoshop. It offers standard and superior image editing coupled with retouching tools that include drawing and selection tools, painting, selection masks, color adjustments etc. GIMP’s features can easily be extended via scripts and plug-ins. GIMP Plugin Registry contains hundreds of plug-ins available for download. This program supports almost all kinds of formats for display and export usage. The only thing about GIMP is that it be hard to understand for a newbie and takes a lot of time to get used to. That, in a way, is the actual price you pay for it.